The 3 Steps I Follow To Help Me Achieve My Goals

Setting Goals

Call it whatever you want: Goals, Resolutions, Objectives, Achievements. The whole meaning behind it remains the same, you want to achieve something or improve an aspect in your life and in order to do so you need desire and discipline.

Every year I plan on setting myself goals to achieve throughout the year. Starting something the first year is an initiation, but by setting objectives and achieving them, I end up picking them up as a habits.

Very simply put, setting goals allows me to actually achieve objectives that I have in mind. I have rarely achieved a goal by simply thinking about it, but writing them down helped me achieve a lot in 2016. I prepared myself a goal list for 2017, so might as well write about how I plan to achieve it!

A New Page – Welcome to My Blog

Hello my name is Paul Harfouche and this is my first blog!

Let me start by briefly introducing myself.

I am 21 years old and I live in Montreal (which is also where I was born). I am presently studying International Business at Concordia University. I also have a part-time job, I am the founder of GamerUptoDate; a gaming related news source, and a writer? Or at least trying to be one!

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