The First Important Lesson I Learned From Starting This Blog

The Mistake

Last year I started writing daily notes in a notebook. Sometimes I wrote about my day, other times about an important lesson I learn and also reviews of books I read. Part of the reason I decided to start a blog, was to share some of these notes.

So I did what any beginner would do. I went on YouTube and typed “how to start a blog?”.

All I found were bloggers recommending hosts that they claimed they were using (although they weren’t) just to make a solid commission.

In order to understand how to build a website from scratch I asked my friend Steve who has a business in this domain. He recommended me a host based on security, speed and reliability.

Afterwards, it was all about learning the ropes of blogging and that’s where I became “corrupted”.

I looked up a few guides on writing good blogs but I completely forgot what I initially wanted to make this blog about. I was writing things that I felt people would like to read rather than writing what I felt like writing.

I wrote my three first blogs based on that idea. But then I lost the pleasure of writing, I wasn’t motivated to do it. Why was I able to write for almost a year and then, when I threw it on a website I lost the interest?

The Lesson

I spoke to my girlfriend about the matter and asked her to read my blogs and tell me what she thinks. She told me that they were good but that it felt different than what I told her my blog would be about. She told me to remind myself why I started the blog in the first place.

After reflecting on it, I said fuck it and deleted it all. I erased all the posts I wrote and even changed my whole website theme (which my good friend Charbel went out of his way to help me, if you’re reading this, thanks again mate). I restarted the blog, designed a custom logo and kept in mind why I was writing in the first place:

I was writing for me, to share things I enjoyed with anyone with similar interests. I am also challenging myself by creating content that requires an additional effort and consistency to maintain.  

After truly understanding what I wanted, I rediscovered the pleasure of writing. I have learned a really important lesson by starting this blog and I’m glad I realised it without giving up.


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